Conroy is "known for Finding the difficult to Find Technology Consultants"

A Veteran Owned Company

About Us


Our Experience

A boutique software consulting firm, founded by Ron Conroy, who honed his recruiting skills in Silicon Valley and was known to be one of the Best Recruiters in the Valley. Running an Account Manager’s full-desk, Ron had full responsibility for all aspects of marketing to identify and win new client business through a process he developed, where he interviewed potential client managers, to learn of their specific business and service requirements, then followed through on providing exactly what the client required, both in service and the ideal technical talent resources. As well, actively maintained effective communications with the client and consultants throughout the term of the contracts. :

  • Java-based frameworks 
  • Open-source technologies
  • Cloud-based development
  • .NET development
  • Networks and systems security
  • Web Content Management Systems development


Our Approach

Conroy Consulting is your full-service firm: we will help to clearly define the client’s requirements and every detail needed to make the transition timely and cost effective for the Client; reach out to the best-known talent, as well as do a sweeping recruiting effort; identify the best of the best; qualify them on timeliness, hourly rate, references, etc. Gain permission to represent them to our client, present, follow up on the presentation, schedule interviews, follow up after the interviews, and make the placement, ensuring all bases are covered, including obtaining a MSA and Purchase Order with the client; as well as a signed IC Agreement with the independent consultant.


Why Us?


Conroy has long had the reputation of “Finding the difficult to find technical talent” and many clients have complimented Conroy on finding a sole contributor, as well as being able to assemble entire development teams, with the foremost technical talent, in a timely manner.



Conroy's Philosophy


Conroy’s desire is to serve our clientele with top consultants and service, leading to extended contracts and long-lasting successful business relationships. Our commitment to consultants is to  respect and pay them well, resulting in winning their trust.

Conroy Consulting LLC has built its reputation on a foundation of trust, respect and integrity. Treating others as we would like to be treated.